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2020 Collaboratory / Engineering Symposium


Thank you for attending our annual - and first-ever Virtual - Symposium. We are excited to showcase our students' work in the Collaboratory. The Collaboratory/Engineering partnership provides an opportunity for students to serve God by meeting the needs of our ministry partners while growing towards their eventual Engineering career. You can learn more about the Collaboratory here.

It is our hope that students are growing in faith and in a desire to glorify God in all that they do, including their vocation. Now we offer this Symposium as an act of worship, celebrating the exciting work He is doing through the Collaboratory and its many students, mentors, and ministry partners. To God be the Glory!

Symposium is Over For the Year

The symposium is over for the year, but you can still enjoy the videos, the posters, and the abstracts.

Please join us next year in person!

How to Enjoy this Virtual Symposium

All navigation that you need to attend the Symposium is located across the top of this website.

The presentations by our seniors are the main event. You can view the presentations by clicking the presentation icon in the schedule block in the schedule on the Presentations page.

A poster expo was prepared by junior Engineering students, and those students will also attend the team's Q&A session in the Zoom room. Each student prepared a brief audio introduction to the poster and their contributions to the team. We hope you will take some time to browse these on the Posters page.

You can read an overview of each project and find the project team rosters on the Presentation Abstract and Poster Abstract pages. Note the many people who have contributed to Collaboratory efforts on the Acknowledgments page. If you are looking for a presentation or a poster by a particular person, you can find a listing by author on the Index page. And finally, we hope you will take a minute to sign the Guest Book - perhaps congratulating your favorite Collaboratory student on a job well done or requesting follow up related to a project that has captured your interest.

Tech Support

If you have any uncertainty about using the Zoom conference calling technology, we have the following resoures:

  • Watching this video will teach you everything you need to know to take part in the Symposium.
  • This video will show you how to do a Zoom test call.
  • Here are written instructions for using the attendee controls in Zoom. You will only need to use the Audio Mute/Unmute and Video On/Off controls.
  • You can conduct a Zoom test call where you will be in a Zoom call by yourself, able to test your audio and video settings.
  • Consider attending an earlier presentation, as practice, before the one you really want to see.
  • Our help desk is on stand-by and prepared to assist you at 717-796-4444.